Thursday, January 1, 2009

Too Hot Days - Indoor Art

Here are some of the things we did indoors when the afternoons were too hot to go outside.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Day 4: Ferry Ride, Dartmouth Picnic & the AGNS

Day 5 : Photo Studio & Fairy Houses

This is the set up in the photo- studio, and some of the pictures we took.

Day 5 Friday Afternoon: Construction of the Fairy houses

Max surrounded by girls - oh yeah!

Katie bieng cool.

Natalie having a scratch. Amazingly there were no mosquitoes just lots of great green & black Damsel fly faries.

Leah, Eduardo & Audrey seach for a site.

Max finds his site & here takes a bow with his constructions

Benetta strikes a stunning pose - that line her arms up with the trees behind
- Benetta- a living fairy house.

Eva,Robot & Leah's house - look closely- can you see the door & bed?


Marie snaps a shot,while Renee shows off her Kung-Fu Panda shirt - original designer-wear by Marie.

Andrew & his cool pad.